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Don't Let it Go to Your Head


‘Don’t Let It Go To Your Head’ is a 48 page debut poetry collection by writer and live artist Liv Wynter. Hopeful and heartbreaking, the work touches on the artists experience of trying to survive as a working class queer person.

Liv Wynter is a live artist and writer from SEL. Liv has been performing internationally since 2015, making live art that centres around radical action, community, rage, and power. With successful residencies at Project Indigo, Wysing, FACT (and a less successful one at Tate), exhibiting at WORM Rotterdam, Wysing Arts Centre and Centre Régional d'Art Contemporain Occitanie, and even supporting Kate Nash a couple of times, Liv has gone on to cause chaos through both their personal practice and their commitment to antifascist, antisexist, and anticapitalist organising. Liv is a peer support coordinator at Hearts & Minds, and spent COVID19 doing support work at The Outside Project, an LGBTIQ+ homeless shelter. Liv has been selected for the Royal Court Scriptwriting course 2020/21, and is the host for Queer House Party. Liv’s debut poetry collection, ‘Don’t Let It Go To Your Head’, was released in Nov 2020. Liv stands in solidarity with all groups organising against oppression. Quit your job, join a band, start a gang.

Cover art by Sam Hrachovec
Layout by Fredde Lanka
Printed by Mixam