Nadie Es Ilegal

Nadie Es Ilegal

Dog Section Press x La Linterna
Limited edition print

60gsm / Size 50x70cm

Each design is hand printed and unique – colours will have variations. Posters will be sent individually in a postal tube.

La Linterna (The Lantern), is a letterpress printing workshop based in Cali, Colombia, which was established in 1934.

It is dedicated to artisan printing of posters using linoleum engraving and the use of movable types. Each poster is an authentic work of art that represents the craft of printing and handcrafted engraving.

Their workshop in the San Antonio neighbourhood of Cali, Colombia is home to several classic printing machines, including the Heidelberg typographical printing press (Germany, manufactured between 1923 and 1985), Marinoni typographical press (Paris, 1870), Babcock Letterpress (New York, 1890) and the AB Dick Printer (US, Manufactured between 1960-1986).

In 2016, the workshop was facing financial crisis. When the bosses at La Linterna stopped paying their employees, the workers occupied. Ultimately, they got rid of their bosses altogether, and now run the presses themselves.

La Linterna printed this poster range in collaboration with Dog Section Press. They are produced in the tradition of radical street propaganda.