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Omnia Sunt Communia

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5x A0 poster pack.

"All property should be held in common’ (Omnia Sunt Communia) and should be distributed to each according to his needs, as the occasion required. Any prince, count, or lord who did not want to do this, after first being warned about it, should
be beheaded or hanged” - Thomas Müntzer (1525)

When the bosses at La Linterna stopped paying their employees, the workers occupied. Ultimately, they got rid of their bosses altogether, wrested back control of the means of production, and now run their print shop as a workers' cooperative. Based in Cali, Colombia, they've produced this radical poster range specially for Dog Section Press. You can support our work and theirs by purchasing these posters, putting them up, and spreading the radical print revolution.

Until all presses are free!

La Linterna