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On An Execution Morning


‘on an execution morning’ is the fictional account of a real squat eviction in London.

It’s the debut pamphlet by award-winning poet, writer and activist Matt Broomfield, and published in the United States by Mount Analogue Press.

"ruby & runt skiddy-footed over planes of black glass. milk does not caution them though he ought. how could he, what words could he say, to ruby & runt overlooking it all, the pennanted embassies, the townhouses, the homeless lying maggoted here and there in the lee of the homed, the monomaniacal BT tower & the rain-bearing smog clagged around it & the distant smokestacks all tending to an unseen belly underlying the whole. the stunted bellies of the lovers likewise invisible below many skip-dived sweaters & likewise the razors bundled close among them & likewise runt’s slight erection as he and ruby tussle among the husks of lawn-chairs, dragged up here to hurl at cops..."